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ATMA’s Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Program

Event Start Date:Nov 7 2023 for Intro Course and Dec 15 for Advanced Program
Event Start Time:As soon as you register
Event End Date:Intro Course Nov 28 2023) Advanced Program June 15 2024


Looking for a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training Program That is Right for You?

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is a revolutionary field of medical therapy that is emerging rapidly. There is a shortage of participating practitioners to support the industry, nurses will play an important role.

The Alberta Health Protection Act requires all who wish to participate in psychedelic-assisted therapy in Alberta be trained, ATMA may have the perfect PaT programs for you.

Read the Alberta Psychedelic Drug Services Standards here.

Why Choose ATMA’s Program?
• CPA Approved CE Sponsor Programs
• World class training in multi-languages.
• Practice regulation and guidelines support.
• In-person coaching.
• Self-Care programs for healthcare practitioners.
• Access to ATMA’s own clinical trials.
• Community support & psychedelic practitioner directory.
• Special Access Program Workshops.
• Administrative support services.
• Access to our Canada wide network of dosage/facilitation clinics.

Want to know more?
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