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Email from electoral candidate Sarah Hoffman to NP Student Ashley Devenney

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your note about healthcare. Alberta’s NDP is the only party that will fight to protect and improve public healthcare. Under the PCs, the quality of our healthcare has eroded. While oil prices were high, the PCs gave tax breaks to the biggest corporations and let our hospitals crumble and emergency room wait times increase. The PC legacy on healthcare is the broken promises to staff Family Care Centres, failing to address over-crowded emergency rooms, and cuts to prescription drug coverage.
Rachel Notley and the NDP will fight to improve public healthcare and restore stable and predictable funding. Rachel will stop the PC cuts to healthcare and invest in repairing our hospitals and seniors centres. The NDP will shorten wait times by investing in long term care beds and homecare.

The NDP is also committed to keeping healthcare public. To do that we need to make sure healthcare is delivered efficiently and effectively so that we can use our money smarter. One way to do that is to expand the use of nurse practitioners. I know that the NDP government in Nova Scotia was able to make rural healthcare deliver more efficient by using nurse practitioners in Collaborative Care Centres. By using NPs, the NDP was able to keep rural hospitals open and reduce wait times. That model is being adopted by Liberal and Conservative governments across the country.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch.


Sarah Hoffman
NDP Candidate
Edmonton Glenora