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Petrolia Medical Clinic

Edmonton, AB

Clinic Address

11407 40 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta T6J0R4


This clinic is located in South Zone with serving population around 45,000.Our practise reflect to younger population age group almost 65% under 65 years age and population with almost 50% population of patients over the age of 65..Our PCN (Southside )has a greater percentage of Immigrant population .Our clinic provide full spectrum of patient care from Infant to geriatrics ,including both clinic based bare and long term care with the help of PCN .We provide prenatal care through 32 weeks gestation and also provide postnatal care after delivery. All practitioners working in this clinic have Alberta practice panel reports they are current to within 18 months.

Other Healthcare Providers on Site?

4 family physician are working with this clinic, we are also with PCN network, 2 nurses are working with us.


PCN southside