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President’s Update February 2021

Dear Alberta NPs,

NPAA is about to embark on a historic journey; one that we have worked hard to begin over the past few years. The government of Alberta has made us a fifth bargaining unit under the ALRB, so the only question going forward now is: Does NPAA become the agent to represent NPs, or does another well established union become our agent?

NPAA, in consultation with our lawyers and lobbyists at Alberta Counsel, have determined that NPAA could, and should be, the bargaining agent for NPs in Alberta. This is an unprecedented opportunity: to be able to fully represent NPs across the province with wages, benefits and work conditions; to continue all the advocacy work we have been doing to advance NP practice and remove barriers; and to advocate for funding models for NPs in areas of practice outside of the health authorities.

A website has been set up to give members and non-members information on the next steps as well as an opportunity to review the new draft constitution, and frequently asked questions. There is also a place to sign up to support the new union. We need to garner the support of 40% of NPs to
make this possibility a reality.

Please reach out to all the NPs in your circle to spread the word and gather support for the cause. UNA will try to gather NPs as well, but NPAA feels that they would not provide the best representation for NPs, given our unique role and professional practice diversity. It was because of the uniqueness of NPs that we began this process over two years ago, fighting yet again to have our own voice. We have now been given the opportunity to speak for NPs with authority and validity, let’s take advantage of it. We have experts in our corner to help support the NPAA in this transition.

On behalf of the NPAA board, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their ongoing support during this process, it has been greatly appreciated. If you have any questions you feel are not answered from the new website, then please reach out and we will be happy to answer them. Below is the link to the new site.


Mary-Elizabeth Cooper, President NPAA