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President’s Update March 2021

I would like to take a moment on behalf of the board of directors to thank all of our members for the tremendous support you have shown for the NPAAU and the future vision of NPAA for a united organization for NPs in Alberta.

I also acknowledge that some members may feel like this has happened very quickly and have not had a chance to have their voices heard given that we have been operating on a very compressed timeline. Every NP voice is important and we want to ensure that everyone has had their questions answered and their concerns addressed. We have been reaching out to all NPAA members to ensure they have this opportunity. If for any reason we have missed anyone, please reach out to myself or the vice president so we can have a conversation. I would also encourage all members to continue to reach out to any colleagues you may work with to ensure they have an opportunity to be able to ask questions and get information about the NPAAU. The one on one conversations have been very beneficial to ensure all NPs get the information they need to make an informed decision.

Once again thank-you for the ongoing support, it is greatly appreciated. We could not have gotten to this point without it.

Alberta Health Services

  • Met on March 17/21
  • Continuing work with WCB with proper billing codes applicable to NPs.
  • Discussion on governance and that AHS is working on the foundation to ensure success as this process moves forward and will work with NPAA.
  • Discussion related to NPs being able to give orders to paramedics where appropriate (Ground Ambulance Act) and NPAA will work with AHS to reach out to stakeholders to help develop a process to integrate NPs.
  • Updated AHS on the recent union activities.

Alberta Health

  • Government is committed to making the PNC NP Support Program work.
  • Not entertaining other funding models at the present time.
  • NPAA continues to work with AH to address issues with the PCN NP Support Program and find solutions.
  • Addressing the need for a proper job description, program structure and what criteria is not being met that has led to unfilled NP positions within the PCN NP Support Program.
  • Informed AH of the issues with paramedics and the Ground Ambulance Act. AH will assist NPAA in solutions as one of the stakeholders.
  • NPAA thanked AH for the changes to the Critical Workers Benefit that now includes NPs.
  • Informed AH that NPAA is working on a complete set of “NP activity codes” to reflect the scope of practice of NPs that will be useful with WCB and third party insurance billing.
  • We are building the NP activity codes from the Schedule of Medical Benefits codes.

Workers Compensation Board

  • Continue to meet and work on a proper list of codes for NPs. 
  • Update to be released soon so that NPs can use the electronic form like the physicians for the same fee.


  • Met on Feb 3/21
  • Still awaiting final approval from Alberta Health for the legislative changes with regard to Cannabis prescribing.
  • NP position posted and offered the position to an NP, awaiting the decision on who has been hired.
  • Advocated for more NP positions within CARNA to be at the tables provincially and nationally where decisions about NPs are being made.

Provincial Nurse Practitioners Advisory Council (PNPAC)

  • Met March 11/21
  • Reviewed the NP professional billing and the provincial standardized process.
  • It is not Fee for Service and works the same as it does for physicians who are on an ARP and bill, the fee goes back to the organization.
  • It applies to specific scenarios where coverage is not provided.
  • Next working group is NP Student placement: Roles and responsibilities
  • Goals are to provide a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Expand the NP preceptor base across broad and diverse practice areas.
  • Support and collaborate with academic partners.
  • Next meeting in May is dedicated to define the topic work plan for 2021. 


  • Membership continues to grow and percentages for AHS and Covenant are at or above the 40%.
  • Many other NPs in other practice areas have also joined.
  • Timeline is up on the NPAAU website.
  • Next step is to apply to ALRB in late April after the 60 day waiting period.
  • Urging NPs to continue to reach out to colleagues who have not made a decision and have them reach out to president or vice president for information


Mary-Elizabeth Cooper
NPAA President