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President’s Update September 2020

Alberta Health

● Continue to meet quarterly. Last met July 29/20
● No new updates since summer update.
● Sent feedback to Alberta Health in regards to HPA recommendations
● Continuing to evaluate phase 1 of the PCN NP Support program including reviewing different models and which ones are best to support a collaborative care model.

Alberta Health Services

● No updates in regards to the Ernst and Young Report due to COVID.
● Continue to meet quarterly.
● Met with Fadumo Robinson and Angela and Sandra in regards to the CA’s and salaries. The short explanation is that all CA’s regardless of previous experience start at the bottom and work up, if they meet yearly requirements then they move up the scale as
part of their salaries. This does not completely make sense and there are other issues to consider as well. My thanks to one of our members who clearly articulated a lot of the issues which I have forwarded to AHS for further discussion at our next meeting.
● Compensation remains high on the list of issues that we continue to address.

Provincial Nurse Practitioner Advisory Council

● Met Sept 10/20
● Reviewed the survey results and highlighted positives and areas that require work
● Areas that require work included: Inconsistencies in Integration: support for NP led care, concerns with software differences; Identification of Provider:NPs not receiving lab results or being correctly identified as provider at registration. System, Process and Culture Issues.
● Work to respond to Ernst and Young Report has not yet been completed.
● Reviewed information and recommendations brought forward by the Admission Working Group. Agreed to proceed with the recommendations.
● Developing an Insite page that will be the main communication for all AHS NPs to replace numerous emails. There will be an external page so that information that applies to all NPs will be available to non AHS NPs.

Alberta Labour Relations Board

● Still awaiting decision from labour department in government as to options for NPs
● Deadline for action for the government is Nov 25/20, unless they ask for an extension.
● Our lobbying firm Alberta Counsel continues to make contact with the government often to see where they are at with the process.


● Met on Aug 27/20 to discuss the implications of upcoming changes to the HPA which would separate the regulatory college from the association.
● Offering our support of one nursing association with separate umbrellas for RNs, NPs, etc. can still provide advocacy work specific to different sursing groups but the financial stability of one large nursing association and develop administration supports as well.
● Council is meeting in late September. NPAA will continue to meet with CARNA and keep updated on the progress.
● CARNA is still awaiting AH approval for cannabis administration for NPs.

Government Relations

● MLA G. Rowswell from the Vermilion-Lloydminister Wainwright riding reached out to NPAA looking at the utilization of NPs in rural communities and how to ensure care of residents in those communities amongst threats of physicians leaving those communities.
● Presently 2 NPs in their catchment area, one in hospital and one in a PCN..
● Asked for our feedback on the proposal they were to send to Alberta Health with possible solutions.
● We discussed creative ways to service those communities using NPs.
● WCB: it was brought to our attention that the billing schedule for NPs and GPs is different. I have reached out to WCB to ask why that is the case. It appears the difference is that physicians received a higher fee if the forms are completely within 2-3 days. After that the fees are the same for NPs and GPs. Fees are higher for specialists. Still awaiting a reply from them.


● Work on the website continues. Any feedback that members have please forward to NPAA at

Other News

● CNA is collaborating with NPs and other researchers on a CIHR funded NP
Mifepristerone Implementation Study. The study aims to help NPs better provide medical abortion care for women in Canada by identifying barriers. They are actively recruiting NP participants across Canada. Links to the information that is on our website is below.
● RHPAP has initiated the Rural Education and Advanced Learning Program “which is intended to further the health of rural Albertans by supporting access of rural health professionals to continuing professional development and skills enrichment training and education opportunities that will help them better address the health needs of their communities”. This initiative is aimed at rural NPs, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals who are non union employees or in a private/independent practice” . The link to the website and further details are below. This should be available October 1/20. or email