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The NPAA Blog – a new endeavour

What an exciting horizon – launching a platform for written expression by Nurse Practitioners in Alberta! As the profession grows and develops here in Canada’s west, it is appropriate to have a medium to connect with each other, other professions, and the public whom we serve.

Nurse Practitioners are traditionally pioneers, reaching out to remote practice locations, specialty practices in urban centres, and the most under-resourced in our cities and towns. Passionate, kind, and hardworking, Nurse Practitioners are incredibly trusted by the public and dedicated to achieving health goals. However, we have often lacked the impetus necessary to advance our profession in the health-care marketplace. But we believe this is about to change! Increasing diversity in health care, tightening provincial purse strings, and an active professional association create the perfect setting for advancing our role, locally, provincially, nationally and globally. 

And so, here we find ourselves, embarking on this new endeavor. Our vision is to create an NP   community where we can connect, educate, and discuss topics of importance to our NP members, as well as improve public knowledge about the diversity and value of our role. We are thrilled to try this new medium, and trust that it will bring value to all NPs, other health care professionals and members of the public.

Each post will either highlight the work of an individual NP in Alberta or discuss an important topic related to profession advancement such as education, leadership, research, or collaborative practice. There will also occasionally be bonus posts of interesting case studies encountered by Aberta NPs, so stay tuned! New posts will be scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday each month and will be publicized via Facebook and Twitter.

We invite you to join us on the blog, spread the word, and engage in the conversation. We are excited for the impact we can have, and would love for you to be part of the future of a strong and unified Alberta NP community.