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CMC Medical Clinic

Coaldale, AB
Clinic Address1910 20th Ave
Coaldale, AB T1M1N2
Description of Site/OpportunityAre you a Nurse Practitioner with a passion for patient care and a drive for autonomy? Here’s an exciting opportunity for you to establish your own independent clinic, guided by the mentorship of a seasoned doctor within the clinic.Overview:This unique opportunity blends the freedom of independent practice with the guidance and support of an experienced physician mentor. As a Nurse Practitioner, you’ll have the chance to build your own practice, develop patient relationships, and make a meaningful impact on healthcare delivery in your community, within our soon-to-be Lethbridge, AB multidisciplinary clinic!Key Features:Independence with Support: You’ll have the autonomy to design and manage your clinic according to your vision while benefiting from the wisdom and guidance of a supervising physician. This balance allows you to cultivate your own practice style while navigating the complexities of healthcare delivery.Mentorship: Under the mentorship of a seasoned doctor and a business advisor, you’ll have access to valuable clinical insights, expertise, and business and admin support. Whether it’s navigating complex cases, refining your diagnostic skills, or learning practice management strategies, your mentor will provide invaluable guidance every step of the way.Collaborative Environment: The clinic fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual learning. You’ll have opportunities to engage with other healthcare professionals, including nurses, specialists, and allied health staff, enhancing your interdisciplinary knowledge and skill set.Professional Growth: This opportunity is not just about building a practice; it’s also about personal and professional growth. Through continuous learning, feedback, and mentorship, you’ll have the chance to expand your clinical expertise, develop leadership skills, and advance your career as a Nurse Practitioner.Community Impact: By establishing your clinic, you’ll play a vital role in addressing healthcare needs within the Lethbridge community. Whether it’s providing primary care services, promoting preventive health initiatives, or addressing specific healthcare disparities, your clinic will be a cornerstone of accessible, patient-centered care.Requirements:Valid Nurse Practitioner licensure and certification
Commitment to excellence in patient care
Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Desire to learn and grow under mentorship
Entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to take initiativeHow to Apply:If you’re ready to embark on this rewarding journey of independence and mentorship, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your interest to: or reach out to book a call and we can chat!Join us in shaping the future of healthcare delivery, one patient at a time.
Other Healthcare Providers on Site?Physician
Counsellors & Psychologist
Medical Aesthetics
RN Managed Medical Weight Loss Program
Is this Clinic Associated with a PCN?Yes
Which PCN?Chinook PCN
Estimated Number of Unattached Patients Available for rostering80000