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Message from the President

Greetings to all NPAA members across our province.

I am taking this opportunity to reach out as the new President of NPAA, with a message of excitement and hope for the nurse practitioner profession in 2021-2022. There has been so much change in the past year – change in our province, in our world, in legislation, and in the recognition that NPs are starting to receive for the many ways they contribute to the health of our communities and this province. I wanted to highlight the amazing work of NPs that has happened this year:

  • NPs in supportive and facility living across Alberta have led the charge in protecting our older residents during COVID-19, and have pioneered new ways of managing acute illness within the residents’ medical home;
  • Independent practice NPs have been driving forward a community-based practice funding model, which appears to be gaining some traction with government;
  • Acute care and clinic NPs are demonstrating incredible flexibility – rising to the challenge of ever increasing ICU beds and constant redeployment;
  • Outreach and Mental Health NPs are facing astronomical levels of substance use disorder, overdose and mental health crises, and are successfully leveraging our nursing roots to provide amazingly compassionate and holistic care to very vulnerable individuals;
  • NPs in provincial leadership have banded together to push for removal of legislative barriers, equality in status with other clinicians within healthcare organizations, and a new NP union has been established.

Such changes since 2020! And yet, there will be more change to come – that is the way of our world, and of healthcare. We are ready, and we will stand united with one another. I am thrilled to be a part of it, and honoured to hold a position of leadership during this time of transition and growth. As our sister organization, the Alberta Union of Nurse Practitioners, moves forward on their trajectory towards certification, the NPAA membership will have choices to make. We will make them together, and that means there will be communication, and opportunities for decision making, and the need for involvement from all NPs to help us find the optimal path forward.

Again, thank you. Please join us on the journey towards the next phase of our profession in Alberta.

Anne Summach
NPAA President

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